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Walton Interlock & Paving Ltd owners and staff take pride in having established a reputable name in the construction and paving industry. We have serviced many well known companies and home owners delivering them the quality workmanship they expect.

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Walton Interlock & Paving
Ltd. Warranty

    Our commitment to the quality of our residential driveway work is upheld by a one year limited warranty.

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Construction contract Services

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Asphalt Paving Services

Residential and Commercial

Whether you're looking to have your driveway re-paved or have requirements to resurface a commercial parking lot, make Walton Interlock & Paving your choice.

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Interlocking Contracting

Improve the appearance of your home

As a leader in custom designs for your home, Walton Interlock & Paving offers interlocking services for residential and commercial projects. Custom designed landscapes, retain walls and more applications using interlock paver stone.

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Concrete Contracting

Finish with concrete curbs

For commercial applications, concrete curbs and walk ways are the preferred choice. For your home, you can choice concrete concrete to approve your curb appeal and add

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Customer Service Excellence

Courteous and Professional

Walton Interlock & Paving takes pride in their workmanship and offers a 1 year warranty on their projects. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction by doing the work the right time the first time for all our customers.

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