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Asphalt paving for parking lots

Choosing the right paving contractor

Walton Interlock & Paving Ltd. has been providing commercial paving contracting services for over 40 years. At Walton we complete numerous of parking lot projects every year and have the expertise and equipment to do it right the first time. When searching for a paving company for parking lots for apartments and condos including asphalt repair and maintenance work, Walton is the asphalt paving company you can trust.


Commercial and industrial parking lots with truck ramps and parking spaces are large asphalt paving projects which require heavy equipment and the workmanship to get the job done right the first time. With the high costs for commercial paving, it is important to work with a contractor who has references and experience.

Asphalt paving on a smaller scale can be completed with smaller equipment and may not require heavy duty machines to assist to get the job done. Walton uses heavy duty equipment on all our projects to ensure the work is completed correctly.


Commercial paving requires many different machines including large asphalt spreaders, heavy duty rollers and excavators required to complete the project. When selecting a contractor for commercial asphalt paving for a parking lot, you need to consider how the project will be completed. Asphalt paving, concrete curbs, concrete walkways and emergency landing areas are different aspects to consider when completing a parking lot.


Parking lot paving costs


The costs for a parking lot to be paved depends greatly on the work required. There will be a price based on square foot based on the required amount of asphalt but application and type of asphalt is also important. Parking lots generally have more traffic and require a different type of asphalt. Larger truck areas with truck ramps also require an asphalt which can withstand the heavy traffic. Also if you require to pave the parking lot for the first time or asphalt resurface also will affect the price greatly. When completing a parking lot it may also be time to consider curbs and walking features for the parking lot.

Call Walton Interlock & Paving for all your commercial paving needs. We will send one of our experts over and provide you with a full written quote.


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